Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mason Jar pumpkins

My sister, Dena, sent me this link to a new Halloween project. Jaycee and I had fun making them.
It's an overcast cold day so my pumpkins and ghosts didn't light up too good. You'll really have to check out the pictures on the link.....they are so much better than mine. I need to get some tea lights for them.
I got my sister's friend's quilt done this week too....whew! Now maybe I can get a couple of mine done this weekend.


jamie said...

Those pumpkins are adorable!!! I spent 2 hours on that blog yesterday!

Nedra said...

What a cute idea with Mason jars. When we moved I literally gave away hundreds and hundreds of canning jars.

Dena said...

They look great. Times haven't changed me much. I look at things like that and say Carrie can do that. Of course now I also so add Tiffany and Sandy can do that. I always hope the inspiration will hit me too. I do love that blog and spend way too much time thinking about what to cook. I may not be crafty but I do cook.

Micki said...

Your mason jars are just lovely!

Myra said...

Darling Mason Jar Pumpkins Carrie! I saved the link for next year... Thanks! 8-)

Lovely quilting there... 8-)