Sunday, November 1, 2009

What I learned today!

Warm fall Provo morning = Cold winter canyon morning!
Left hand glove = Awkward but warm right hand glove!
(forgot our gloves but Gary found this one in his truck he let me have)
Cold arthritic "gas lever thumb" = PAIN!
Mud + 4-wheeler = FUN!!
Shade = brrrr cold.
Sun = a little bit of warmth.
It was sooo cold we almost turned around. Note to self -- buy Long Johns, gloves, and beanie hats before we go next time. We got an early start and we were surprised to see so much snow. On the way up there was a long, snowy stretch.

We saw these tracks in the snow. We thought, hmmmm, maybe a black bear. Okay, not so bad. We can outrun a bear on the wheelers. Jon said thank goodness they aren't cougar tracks, don't think we could outrun one of those.
We got home and I loaded the pictures and then searched on Google. NOT bear tracks. Definitely cougar tracks. By the time we went back down the canyon they had melted in the sun, so they were definitely fresh that morning. Kind of scared us a bit, okay a LOT.
Jon and Bekkah had to go slow across the river to break through the ice.
I was so afraid one of them was going to end up wet here (Bekkah for sure!)
The road up to the reservoir was snowy and muddy, way muddy! Some places it was slick, slimy, gooey mud. If you got a tire in a rut you just had to ride the rut -- no way to turn the tire out of it. I wanted to take pictures but I needed both hands to drive with. All 4 tires flipped mud up and it was like driving in raining mud. Big clumps would hit you. I was laughing...haven't had that much fun in mud since I was a kid. Here's a picture of some that hit my pack.

I was following Gary and all I could think of when I saw his tires was "Gas station chocolate glazed donuts!" Exactly what they looked like.
Bekkah's feet were wet and freezing when we got up to the lake. On the way down I had a good idea, Gary and I would give her our dry socks. When we got back across the river Jon was using a stick to scrape as much mud as he could off her her pants and shoes. Going to take more than dry socks. Plan B: Drive as fast as we could out to the truck!!
This is what ruins the outdoors for the rest of us. Makes me so mad to see
what some people leave behind. If you pack it in, pack it out.


Nedra said...

We have 4-wheelers, but I've never gone in the snow. Brrr.. it looks cold. I guess I'd better be grateful for that St. George sunshine.

jamie said...

Looks like fun!! I can't wait until Jack is old enough to go :)! I hate when people leave garbage!!

Myra said...

What great family fun Carrie! Not the cold and wet so much though... lol! How muddy does the inside of the truck get when done!?!