Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Scrappy Log Cabin

I got my twin size scrappy log cabin quilt quilted and bound this week. I should be doing other things that are more important.....but I needed to see this project finished. I don't plan ahead when I cut out quilts, just do what I think I will need, so I have enough for another one and possibly a baby quilt.
I love my Jack -- just want to kiss his checks and cuddle with him. Jamie always dresses him so cute....or should I say handsome?
I had to go into work today for training. It was a pain to get up, dressed , makeup on , etc. I'm so used to my usual morning commute of 14 stairs down to my office. As I'm driving on the freeway out to Orem in the slow lane, sipping my instant breakfast (Diet Dew), I notice that cars are going around me and passing like I'm standing still. I want to know when I became that old fart going too slow that I used to complain about??


jamie said...

That quilt is so cute! Your not an old fart....yet :)

Myra said...

Your scrappy quilt looks great, and Jack is such a little sweetie... 8-)