Sunday, October 11, 2009

A fun sewing day!

My Dad made this quilt hanger for the great room addition to their house. Mom's quilt is really pretty hanging there.

This is the quilt Mom has on the frames right now. I admire her for hand quilting them. I gave up on that long ago. When I was in high school/college I used to enjoy hand quilting and spent many afternoons quilting with my Mom and sisters. It seems like Mom always had a quilt on the frames. Here's a few of Mom's quilts on her quilting ladder.
Mom, my sisters Nann, Tracy and Kathy, niece Sophie, Jaycee, and I took advantage of her big room to put up tables and sew on Saturday. It was really fun and I took pictures of everyone -- but they are so dark I didn't post them. I should have taken pictures of our projects but forgot. I did get this cute picture of my niece, Sophie, helping her mom lay out pieces of the quilt she was working on. She saw grandma doing it earlier and had to give it a try herself.
I think Sophie looks a lot like her mom (Kathy) did at that age. She's so adorable. Lat time we sewed she didn't want anything to do with me. She must have decided that I wasn't so scary this time and even let me tease her!

My project is Cherry Turnovers -- a quilt kit I got on our recent trip to St. George. I got a lot cut out but only a couple blocks made. I guess I spent too much time visiting and not enough sewing :-)
Nann and Tracy worked on a cute Thanksgiving Table Topper. I'll have to take a picture of one of them to show you -- so fun!


Nedra said...

I tried hand quilting a few times and just couldn't get even stitches, so I really admire someone who can just sit down and make a go of it. Your quilts are beautiful, and how fun to have a mom to share them with.

Lavada said...

I think I may quit reading your blog. I makes me a homesick. Not for Utah, just your company.

Micki said...

Your quilts are just stunning...I love the subtle yet beautiful colours you used.

Myra said...

A wonderful quilt hanger your dad made, and wonderful quilts of your mother's hands!!!

Your day at your Ma's with the others sounds like a fun time! 8-)

Sophie is a little cutie!