Saturday, November 28, 2009

Making Pies

My job on Thanksgiving is the pies and yams. Pretty easy. I love to make pies. I remember as a teenager my Mom's Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book. I thought it was as old as the hills....she did get it as a wedding present after all. The pages were yellowing and worn from use.
When I got out my Better Homes Cook Book to make pies it dawned on me that my cookbook looks like my Mom's used to. I wonder if my kids think the same was after all one of my wedding presents almost 30 years ago. I love the recipe for pie shells from this book. They turn out good every time.
The apple pie was quite tasty this year.
We had all of our kids and their families this year for Thanksgiving. They wanted to come over for "Dad's cooking" because it is so good. I'm not offended that they love his cooking more than mine. Fact is, he is a better cook than me. I love his gravy and sausage stuffing. Mmmmm... Gary's parents came too, then had a second meal later at his brother's house. I should have taken more pictures, but I was a little busy helping Gary get the meal ready and tables set.
Eden and Jayda had fun playing with marbles after dinner.
Jack dancing in the kitchen with Poppa.
Jack loves his Aunt Jaycee.
It was nice to have dinner done and cleaned up so we could relax. It was a very enjoyable day!


Nedra said...

It looks like your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. good for you for making such wonderful pies. It's the one thing we always purchase because I'm terrible at crusts.

Micki said...

Glad that you had a fun Thanksgiving!
The cookbook looks great!

Lavada said...

I've never baked a pie in my life. At least not one from scratch. Mrs. Smith and I are good friends!

Oh my that marble gizmo looks just like the one my dad made for us! Could it be?

jamie said...

Everything was so so yummy!! I am embarrassed to say that when we got home I ate another slice of apple...and pumpkin pie :) so good. i love my better homes cook book I got mine as a wedding present from kathy and use it all the time, some of the pages are stuck together :)

Myra said...

Always nice when a family dinner goes well and fun was had... That pie looks good enough to steal, but it is probably all gone by now... 8-(
Happy stitchings!