Monday, December 7, 2009

It finally feels like Christmas

We've got the Christmas countdown going. And it has been snowing since yesterday. It really came down today. We were doing our Christmas shopping and the roads were bad. I was so glad I wasn't the one driving!!
We have both trees up and decorated. We did a flocked real tree upstairs this year. I LOVE it. It reminds me of when I was younger and my dad would go out under the carport and flock the tree himself with the vacuum and bags of flocking. I loved watching him transform the green tree to a white one. I'm pretty sure he didn't enjoy it that much, as I remember hearing a cuss word or two as he did it.
Our antique ornaments look so good on the flocked tree. I took pictures of a few of my favorites.
Those of you in my age group can probably remember sticking your fingers in these ornaments. It takes me back so many years....and yes I still poke them when I put them on the tree. Just can't resist!
We have most of our shopping done and our neighbor gifts delivered.....I've never been this ready before so early in the month. My husband has a batch of Chex Mix in the oven, the snow it here......I can relax a little and enjoy the holiday season.


Nedra said...

You are so way ahead of me. Would you believe with just getting back in town that my Thanksgiving is still up? Today I need to remedy the situation!

Sandy Buffington said...

You must have been mistaken. My grandparents would never say a bad word. I am sure you heard "Son of an O-'bitch'-uary." Which is not a swear word. Just ask Grandma. :)

Myra said...

We have quite similar decorations for our tree... What I can see of your tree, looks good!
Can you explain to me what a "flocked tree" is, beyond using a vacuum? I've never ever heard of such a tree!
We only have about a 2" ground cover of snow here for the last week, but today is our coldest day so far. We woke to -25*C, which is -13*F. Brrrrrr.... Here it comes! WINTER COLD!!!

Lavada said...

I remember those flocked trees. They made a bit of a mess under the carport. My dad did his cussing in Dutch. Didn't realize it was cussing until I repeated a phrase and mom lit in to me.

Micki said...

What a beautiful tree, and your ornaments are so pretty!