Thursday, December 31, 2009


I'm late in posting about Christmas....busy time of year. For the last 3 years we've bought Dutch chocolate letters for all our kids and grandkids. Here's my "C" all wrapped up nice...sure tasted good. Jared and Jamie remember getting their chocolate letters from Grandma Ann when they were young. (Lavada if you read this you'll be glad to see we are continuing the tradition your mom started!) I'm hoping my grandkids will remember this and look forward to their chocolate letter every Christmas.

It was just Gary, Jaycee and me opening presents this year. Jaycee got the netbook (mini computer) that she wanted. Can you say spoiled? That's what happens to the youngest I guess.

This is her skull quilt. I think she likes it. I love the look of having just one blue block and the the border to match.

Jack's smiling face was a Christmas present I loved. He's the happiest little guy ever!

Jayda was going 90 miles an hour all day. She fell asleep before she could even eat a bite of food.


Myra said...

Great Christmas family photos Carrie! Jayda in the chair, priceless.. 8-)
Jaycee's quilt is great!
We give and get our chocolate letters every year!!!

jamie said...

John loves his quilt, they are so awesome!! I love getting the chocolate it will be a continued tradition for sure :)

Lavada said...

Nice to know that mom will be remembered with chocolate. I'm sure she is smiling. I swear she had some in every drawer in the house.
I place my order for chocolate letters at the end of every October. They are shipped in from Michigan. This year I missed one. An A for Megan's boyfriend Andrew. Just didn't think about him spending Christmas with us when I placed the order.