Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sneak Peak at a Christmas Present

I saw a skull quilt like this on a blog.....somewhere.....and I couldn't find a pattern anywhere. I searched and searched on the Internet. So I got my graph paper and made my own pattern. My brain nearly exploded trying to figure out the 1/4 inch seams and making it all fit, but I did it!!!
I'm thrilled with the way it turned out. This is a present for my son-in-law who I am pretty sure doesn't read my I'm posting pictures before the big day.
He loves skulls! I found this Alexander Henry fabric that was perfect for the back. I've got another one on my quilt frames that is black, white, and blue for my youngest daughter for Christmas. I'm hoping to get it done today.......crossing my fingers that it happens!

I made this quilt for my friend to give her grandson. I'm liking the darker colors for boys lately.


Myra said...

Looks great Carrie! Ya done good with the math!!! lol! Love the backing! A great match! 8-)
I look forward to seeing the one for you youngest daughter at some point...
I was thinking it was fish in the last photo! Good thing I zoomed in! Aircraft! A far cry from fish and sea creatures... looks goo! 8-)

Nedra said...

You are a good sport to indulge your family in Skulls. Seems to be the rage right now with teenagers.

jamie said...

John is going to love it!!! I can't believe you made the pattern by your self, my head would have exploded for sure!! It is so so so cute!

Tracy said...

very cool quilt! John will be so surprised and grateful.