Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my Dad's 72nd birthday. I made this painted rock for him when I was in grade school. For years it had a place of honor on his nightstand next to his alarm clock. When my parents moved from Springville to Provo about 12 years ago I inherited it. I had it tucked away in a box and just ran across it a while ago. It now sits on my nightstand. It reminds me of my Dad. Things I love about Dad:

1. He loves to look at stars at night and watch for satellites and meteor showers.
2. He has lots of hats that the grandkids talk him into wearing and talking in his funny voices.
3. I love that he is retired and wears casual clothes most of the time now. Growing up he was always in suits and ties. He was superstitious that if he took off his tie he would get a call (he is a mortician), so he was in that suit from morning till night most days.
4. He got me a dog when I was having a hard time making friends in middle school (I'm sure he was literally in the dog house with my Mom for that one!).
5. I have happy memories of watching Nascar races with him.
6. He has the best sense of humor and always has a joke ready to tell.

I could go on and on. I know I got the best Dad in the world. Love you Dad!!


Nedra said...

wow, what an honor to have such a father. You are a lucky girl.

Micki said...

Your dad sounds lovely...just like mine!

Lavada said...

Extend your dad a happy belated birthday for me. Tell him I miss his jokes.

jamie said...

I love grandpas tapioca pudding, I remember sittin at the counter in there Springville house next to the microwave waiting for it to be done mmmmmmm yummy.