Thursday, February 4, 2010

Things have to get worse (or ugly in this case)......

before they get better. I'm a little embarrassed to post this black hole that was our master bathroom shower. This is a good picture. The floor is all torn up and it's really a mess right now. The shower hasn't worked for two, yes that's right, TWO LONG YEARS! It has been okay since the rest of the bathroom is functional, and we have a bath/shower in the main upstairs bathroom.

This pile of tile, grout, new sink, etc. in my living room is proof that some progress is being made. Woohoo!! My boys are working on it as I'm writing this. Can I say I'm thankful for their finish carpentry and plumbing training!!

They got smaller tiles for the floor of the shower and bathroom counter top. It got me thinking that I might get brave and do my kitchen behind the stove and sink in small tiles. I found some really pretty tiles at Home Depot I keep looking at. (NOTE: The last 2 sentences mean I will talk my sons into doing it for me....they just don't know it yet!)


Nann said...

I am so excited for you!! When Bekkah and Jaycee told me I was ecstatic for you. Let's hope it is all done within a week!! Then we'll have to have a peek.

p.s. Jaycee's favorite part was getting rid of the PINK sink.

Lavada said...

Yeah for the new bathroom. We redid ours three years ago.

I thought about tile in the kitchen and then ruled it out a minute later. I didn't want to deal with cleaning the grease out of the grout.