Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm officially sick of

winter weather (and hearing about Tiger Woods). We have a "serious winter storm warning" for our area today through Tuesday afternoon. The wind is howling outside my house right now. We are supposed to get up to 12 inches on the bench areas of the mountains and blizzard conditions through mountain passes.
On a brighter are some of our Easter eggs. Jon and Jaycee made their own egg dye and used it on our brown chicken eggs. It made such dark, pretty colors.

The paisley egg is my sad attempt at dying with a silk tie. I know how to do it better for next year.
I got Pam's quilt bound yesterday. I really LOVE how it turned out. When it was in pieces I had a little bit of panic about it. It all came together so good...whew!!

It has so much character with each shirt and PJ bottoms used. Jaycee loves it!! She wears the same kind of clothes now that Rae did. She loves the skulls, blacks and blues.

The back is a Polka dot sheet.....Rae loved Polka dots.
Here's the pillows made out of her Hollister shirts for Krystal (Rae's sister). I'm tickled with the way they turned out!!

I hope they bring happy memories of Rae to Pam and her family. Nann is headed down to Vegas later this week and will take them down to Pam.
My next project is to put my bedspread on the quilt frames. Can't wait to get it done and see how our room looks. Gary got it painted last week and moved our bed back in today. Yeah!!


Lavada said...

I can't believe you are still getting such heavy snow! Times are a changin'.
Love the quilt and pillows. They will be treasured forever.

Gari said...

We, in AL, aren't having winter but we seem to have skipped spring and gone straight to summer: 86F today.

Micki said...

We are still getting cold weather too, so we seem to be skipping spring. I am sick of hearing about Tiger Woods too.LOL

Anonymous said...

It's better than I would have ever even dreamed of doing it myself! I can never rapay you for your talent and it..P

Myra said...

Your eggs look great!
We haven't done Easter eggs ourselves for a long time. The kids lost interest, but I bet we'll be making them again with grandchildren in our future... 8-)
Pam's quilt looks great! Love it! I'm guessing you free motion quilt it? Looks great!
Looking forward to seeing your new bed quilt! 8-)
Hope you are having much better weather now...