Friday, May 21, 2010

Feeling my age. . . . .

May 5 2010 416

This happy little guy wasn’t so happy last night.   We had Jack and Eden sleep over because our son-in-law, John, had back surgery early this morning in Salt Lake.  About 11:30 p.m. Gary and I put him in his car seat and rode around a bit.  It did the trick and he feel asleep.  But not for long.  Around 1:30 a.m. he was awake and wanting his mama (and her plumbing).  Gary tried for an hour to get him back to sleep…no such luck!  (I have to confess right here that I was faking sleep…I know….bad grandma!)  Gary ended up having to take him home in the middle of the night.   I’ve been dragging all day from lack of sleep.  That’s why you have your kids when you are young…right??

On the positive side, John’s surgery went good.  I’m hoping it gets rid of some of his pain so he can enjoy life again.  He’s so young to go through it, but his back is really messed up…poor guy!

I’ve been working on another quilt for Jodi, but I’m not happy with the way it’s going together.  I think I’ll let it be a few days and see if any inspiration on fixing it comes my way :)


Lavada said...

Having had back surgery twice, I feel his pain. Hope he heals well.

On the quilt side, I've got several projects that I'm not happy with. Inspiration isn't forth coming. I hope you have better luck.

Myra said...

Poor little guy, and poor Grandma and Grandpa!!! I gather you've caught up on your sleep by now... 8-)

Hope the back surgery is a success and that John heals quickly...

Sometimes a rest from a project is good... then you can look at it with fresh eyes and attitude! 8-)

Micki said...

Hope that John recovers the surgery quickly and that he is feeling much better soon!

Nann said...

I am so glad that John appears to be doing well. Poor Jack. He is usually so happy and he loves his Poppa.

I FINALLY put my sewing corner together after 2 months. I am just anxious to get sewing again.

I am sure once you get back to it you can fix the other quilt.