Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

This is how I plan on spending my warm St. George in a cozy hotel room!
Checking out some of my favorite blogs and searching for new blogs, checking e-mail, etc. (While Gary is relaxing and watching TV). We had some yummy lunch at In 'N' Out Burger before coming back to the room to chill.
Check SpellingWe left this morning for a MUCH NEEDED break and some relaxation. We left Jaycee at home...which is so easy to do since Jon, Bekkah, and Jodi are at home too! They get to take care of the chickens, dogs, and house....and make sure Jaycee gets to school on time!

We went and visited our moms last night and wished them Happy Mother's Day. I got awesome Mother's Day gifts from Jamie, Jon, and Jodi (and their spouses and kids). Gift cards for gas, Cracker Barrel, and McDonald's plus a bunch of snacks for traveling. They are so thoughtful! I love you guys!!


Nedra said...

We've swithched places! You are in St. G and we've been in Sandy and went to the In and Out in Draper yesterday.

Myra said...

Sounds like a wonderful little getaway Carrie! Good for you! 8-)