Monday, May 10, 2010

Just chillin.....

I'm laying in bed surfing the web. It feels so sinful. On Monday nights I'm usually working. Who knew that there's absolutely nothing worth watching on Monday nights? Doesn't matter though. I'm perfectly content to check out some quilting blogs.

I should have taken more pictures today to blog about. I LOVE palm trees, so I did snap a few pictures of some.
And a view of the pool from our room. It's been kinda windy today so no one swimming. We drove around today checking out different parts of St. George. I only stopped at one fabric store, Quilted Works. I'm browsing through the fabric with my hubby and the lady at the checkout counter says I look familiar. "Are you a quilter?" Then she got that look that let me know she figured it out. "I read your blog!" That made my week! I've never had that happen before. Small world. I owe my "fame" to Nedra at Cactus Needle. She's a quilter/blogger down here and they got the link to my blog from hers. Anyway, bought some fun fabrics for another baby quilt for Jodi. It's a panel in pinks and browns. I figure the panel will make it easy to get the quilt done before her baby gets here...and it was so cute I couldn't resist.


Nedra said...

I didn't realize you are still here! How long will you be in town? Do you mean "Quilted Works" ? I teach classes there every and it's a wonderful store.

Sandy Buffington said...


If not you totally should. I will get you the first season. It is hilarious.!

Nann said...

You so DESERVE to be away from work and the store. I am glad that you are just chillin and having some much needed rest.