Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

This is what think about on Memorial Day. I usually don't talk about the 2 babies we lost in between Jodi and Jaycee...but I still think about them and what they would have been like if they had lived. We lost our little boy first in June of 1992. Then in 1993, the day after Christmas, we lost our little girl. They didn't give us any memories of our boy, but for our little girl they gave us hand and feet prints and a ring they put on her fingers. It was an awful thing to go through. I was half way through both pregnancies when I developed complications.

This is a page from my scrapbook where I recorded my thoughts and feelings. It was so scary with Jessica.... I was hemorrhaging so bad I almost died. I could see the fear in the faces of my husband, the nurses, and the doctor. I had a very spiritual near death experience....I know it wasn't my time to go.

My doctor told me not to get pregnant again, I was too high risk. He told me to go home and love the four children that I had. Surprise.....against all odds Jaycee was born a year later!!


Nedra said...

Wow, Carrie. What a story. I am so sorry for your loss.
I went through 3 miscarriages in 6 years before we gave birth to #5, a healthy 9lb boy. I am so happy we both had happy endings.

Sandy said...

I never knew that you named your daughter Jessica. how did I not know that? what a sweet little spirit she must have been.

Hone Family as in Ryan and Ashley said...

I'm so glad you shared this. What a trial you must have gone through. You are such a strong woman!