Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I think summer is here


It got hot overnight. …really hot. We went out on the 4-wheelers this weekend. Silly me…I had everyone stick a jacket in the pack just in case. We all came home with sunburns.DSCN3111

The creek we cross to get to the reservoir was really deep from all the spring run off. I was nervous to cross, but after watching Jon and Gary go across I tried it too. I must admit I really hit the gas to get it over with, but it was fun. Water splashed everywhere and your feet and legs got soaked. It was so hot they were dry again in half an hour.


The clouds were really pretty. It felt so good to get out again..away from it all for an afternoon. It was just what I needed. Life has been a little crazy around our house lately.


This is my summer reading project. I’ve always wanted to read Wuthering Heights. When I was at Target last week they had it for $2.50, so I bought one. It’s making my brain work to figure out some of the old English style of wording…but I’m really liking it so far. My next day off I think I’ll put my lounge chair under the apple trees and read….ah the lazy days of summer!DSCN3145

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Micki said...

Wuthering Heights was one of my favorite books..If you haven't ead Jane Eyre or Rebecca, they are good too! You will love the book! Oh, you can rent the movie Wuthering Heights too..get the one with Olivier and Oberon.