Saturday, June 12, 2010

One step forward…..two steps back

DSCN3147 Gary got the garden tilled and planted the first of this week. We are late getting it in because of the weather and because he was finishing up cleaning out his things from work (more about that another day). He was out working in the yard and let the chickens out…like we always do.

DSCN3150When he went to check on them he found out that they had eaten all of the cucumbers and zucchini plants. BAD BIRDS!!DSCN3156They got locked up for a couple of days!


He replanted the garden and made cages to keep the hens out.

I seem to be having the same “one step forward two step back” luck today with my quilting. I’ve been waiting all week for today with big plans to spend it being productive in the quilting department. I put on a quilt top I made last year. I did a feather stitch along the top border to start off the quilt. The stitching was funky, something off with the tension. I tried unpicking it…for 2 hours…getting more frustrated with every passing minute. Ugg! It was a mess and made a couple little holes in the fabric. I pulled it off the frames and tried again.


I tried to put on another border but didn’t have enough scraps of the fabric. Plan B. I took off the top row and threw it in the trash! Somehow that made me feel better, like I won! I put the quilt back on the frames and tried again with an easier pattern and adjusting the tension.



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Micki said...

Sorry you were having such a frustrating day...Hope that next time, all goes well.