Monday, July 12, 2010

Dunes Day Two

I surprised myself this trip....taking rides and hills I never would have before. I wanted to get pictures of some, but needed both hands for driving. I've never really wanted to go to the dunes before. I associated it with wild parties, crazy people driving everywhere and LifeFlight! Didn't sound like too much fun. I wrong. So much fun (if it's not too crowded).
We got skull flags for the trip to match the skulls on our bikes.

Gary's flag.

Jaycee's Hot Pink Flag.

We had one little rain shower Sunday afternoon. We saw it coming and hurried and put up the tent and cleaned up before it hit.

Gary, Jaycee, and I didn't ride in the dunes much. Our bikes are more mountain bikes. We had to stay on the top ridges when we rode out there.

The edge of the dunes. We rode through trails on this side. It's like a roller coaster on sand. You go up and down and right and left sideways. It was a blast! I could do that all day.

Jon and Bekkah riding the bowls. That's where you find a big hole or bowl in the sand and ride around the rim.....sideways. It took my breath away just watching them. If you don't do it just right you will roll down with your bike into the bowl....ouch! It's really a bigger hole than the picture shows.

We found a little trail up this mountainside. It was cool to see all the trunks from burned trees. Kind of spooky looking area.

This is Sand Mountain. It's way bigger than it appears. The two little dots in the lower left screen are 2 wheelers going up the face of the mountain. It's really steep, especially towards the top. Jon has been up the face of Sand Mountain. He says it's an adrenaline rush. I'll take his word for it. That's something that will never be on my bucket list!!
Sand Mountain.
The trees down here are cool looking.
And good shade in the dessert heat.

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Myra said...

More awesome photos!!! Looks like a really great time was had there Carrie! Thanks for the experience through your lens! 8-)