Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend Camping Trip

Jon and Bekkah have been trying to get us to go to the Sand Dunes with them for a long time. We decided it would be a fun weekend trip. We left as soon as Jon got off work Saturday afternoon.
We unloaded everything and set up camp.

We started a roaring fire while putting up the tent. We needed lots of hot coals to cook dinner.
We have a pretty big tent. It really makes camping not so bad. It's divided into 2 big rooms. Gary and I had cots and Jaycee was on an air mattress between us. Jon and Bek took the other room.
I love the closets. We use them for food storage.

I was hot and tired by the time everything was set up.
I LOVE tin foil dinners!! When Gary and I were dating we used to go up the canyon with a group of friends and cook them. It's much funner now to do it with our kids.

Jaycee doesn't like them. She was cooking a hot dog instead.

Cooked to perfection. They were so delicious!
Then we went on a night ride. Jon led the way. Kangaroo rats kept jumping out in front of him. It would have scared I was glad to be at the back.
Most of the trail was up and down. Kind of like riding a roller coaster in the dark.

Then back to camp to make S'mores.

Gary made Jiffy Pop....a camping must. He's a pro at cooking it.

Then we talked around the campfire until close to midnight.

We all had glowstick bracelets.

Nothing like a campfire and a few ghost stories.

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Myra said...

Looks like a great time! Fun stuff!!! I love foil pack dinners too!! 8-)