Sunday, July 25, 2010

More shoes…and a note of apology!


I lined this pair with fabric.  I little tricky..but not so bad.  The pattern is Simplicity 2491 if anyone is interested in making some shoes.DSCN3861

Now, the apology.  If you have a little white square on your blog you might have gotten it from me….so very sorry!  I used a picture from that site.  I learned my lesson….never doing that again.  To get rid of it I just went in and replaced my background.  


Nedra said...

These shoes are absolutely darling! Every one is beautiful!

Hone Family as in Ryan and Ashley said...

I think I will need to be investing in some of these shoes in the near future. they are SO CUTE! I love them!

Jan Marie said...

those shoes are sooo cute. I like the new look of the blog.