Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lazy Afternoon

DSCN3895What could be better than sitting out on the porch swing with Gary and Katelynn?  A soft, cool breeze and the smell of rain.  Can I spend every day like this? 

DSCN3890I took this week off from work.  We had plans to go camping….but things didn’t work out.  We don’t dare take his truck too far because we’re not sure how reliable it is.  It’s hot and sticky which makes tent camping a little miserable.  And then the money factor.  Is it whining if I say I HATE being on a tight budget?  I’m relearning how to clip coupons and becoming a pro at creative financing!  Gary has applied for a lot of jobs…but nothing yet. 

DSCN3879We are  making lemonade out of lemons.     The glass is  half-full.  Positive thoughts most of the time.  I hate to pour too much of my feelings out here in  blog land.  When people ask how things are going you just have to tell a little white lie sometimes. 


Jamie and I started a booth at a local Craft/home decor store.  Hopefully I can make a little extra $$ that way.  The car seat covers/canopies have been selling pretty good. 

DSCN3875 Got 6 all bagged and ready to go today. 

DSCN3877 My project for this afternoon is my butterfly quilt.  It’s been on hold long enough. 

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