Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall Favorites. . .

 A bowl full of crisp apples!
 Pumpkin chocolate chip bread....or anything pumpkin!
 Using the Fiesta ware again instead of summer disposables.
 Home made chicken noodle soup...mmmm!!  This is probably the best thing I cook.  Love it when its cool enough for soup again.

 Katelynn trying out the Johnny Jump Up.  She thought it tasted pretty good.
 Jack's "gansta butt."  He kept losing his pants and taking off his diaper. Boy, he sure takes after his mommy.  Our neighbor used to call her Lady Godiva because she ran around naked all the time.
 I just have to say that I believe in this crazy Asian money plant I bought last year.  It has been so green and beautiful....well until the last month. 
It's turned all white and sickly....kinda like my bank account lately.  I'm going out this weekend and buying a new one.  Time for some new luck with the money!!

1 comment:

Myra said...

Great post Carrie! Darling grand-babies...
Is that homemade noodles I see in that bowl of soup?!