Friday, September 24, 2010

Frugal Friday

 I'm starting a new regular feature on my blog....Frugal Friday! I've re-learned some frugal tips during the summer...things that are a good idea for everyday life. My first one is to hang out your laundry to line dry whenever possible. I must say that over the summer I've come to LOVE my towels that are lined dried. Love the fresh outdoor that no bottle of fabric softener could ever reproduce.  Love the crisp feel of the towels too. Their rough texture envigorates your skin when you dry off with them. (Whoa Nellie...this is staring to sound like a smutty romance novel!)

 Love the line dried sheets too.  Makes for a good nights sleep for sure!
 I made a little bag to hold the clothespins.  It worked pretty good....but next year I'm going to make a fancier one. 
Gary made our clothesline this summer.  He found the instructions on-line and had it built in a couple of days.  I must say I' really impressed with his handy with our home improvement projects!!  Our yard looked so good this summer.  It was nice to have him home to keep up with the lawn, garden, etc.
 Our garden didn't do so good this year.  The weather was so bad in the spring we were late getting it planted.  Now the tomotoes are starting to get red....but the chickens have gotten to the ripe ones before we can get them picked. They do keep the insects picked off the plants...if only they would leave the veges alone.  Next year we'll have to put up a fence to keep them out. 

 It's fall...and there are plenty of weeds in the garden now.  You get to this point in the season and you're thankful for the coming winter so you can rest from all the yard work. 


Nann said...

I too love sheets and towels that have hung outside. I never dry my shirts in the dryer and want a clothes line. I used my neighbor's in Sandy and loved it!!

Rachelle said...

I love that you are doing a frugal friday thing! i will look forward to them. that's my more frugal/thrifty/live more simply! i love your clothespin holder that you made. that's adorable!