Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hooray For Fall

 I made this table runner last year.  It was from some scraps and without a pattern.  It turned out to be a fun one.  I need to pull out the rest of my fall/Halloween decorations. 
 I've made some more baby shoes for my booth.  I found these clear boxes to put them in.  Love the way they look all boxed up. 

I've been doing some machine quilting today.  I need to post some pictures of them.  They aren't my own sister's quilts.  Sigh...I'm feeling creative and wanting to put a quilt top together....but just can't find the right fabric to start a project.  Maybe next week.


Anonymous said...

love the polka dot ones! pam

Rachelle said...

Hi Carrie! Oh you are sooo talented! just love looking at all your pretty creations. Please rub off on me. haha. :)

Myra said...

Your baby shoes are adorable Carrie! 8-)