Saturday, December 11, 2010

Family Christmas Party

 We had the family party with my side of the family last night.  It was good to get everyone together.  My dad added 3 wise men to our nativity this year.  This is the 2nd it's fun to see what will be added next.  He spends hours and hours carving and painting.  He makes 9 sets, one for mom and him, and then a set for each of all of his 8 kids.
 We got a neat gift from my sister Dena.  They are Dry Pak bags to put our valuables in for 4-wheeling.  They hang around you neck or hook on your belt hoop.  She filled them with sun screen, Kleenex, wipes, and candy.  She saw how I ruined my camera on our last trip to the sand dunes.  Now I can tuck it in this pack and keep it safe.  It will keep things dry when we cross the rivers up Spanish Fork Canyon too.  We LOVE them!!  Thanks Dena and Rick!

 My parents gave us a gift card to Macey's grocery store.  We went shopping this afternoon and stocked up on some case goods for our food storage.  It's so nice to have the shelves full of food again.
 Santa's elf brought a bag of presents for the kids again this year.  Eden got a fun game to play.  Eden is our little artist.  I keep a bag of markers, papers, and art supplies in the closet for her.  It's fun to see what she creates.
 Jack was pulling a funny face for me.  He found Grandpa Orme's bowl of candy and really went down on the mints.  He has one in his mouth in this picture.
 Here's Brandon showing off his toy.  He growing up too fast.  He played football this fall and did really good.
 And Miss Jayda got a doll.  She's loves preschool and has a little attitude.  I think it's cute, but being the grandma and not the parent I can say that!
 BrookLynn was crawling all over the place last night.  She's such a cute little girl.  She's going to the eye doctor again this week.  She takes after her dad and will need an eye surgery.  Jared had wore eye patches, had 5 surgeries when he was little, and wore glasses.  Hopefully Brookie will only need one surgery (crossing our fingers and toes).
Finally, here's the last grandchild, Katelynn.  She's pretty close to crawling even though she's only 6-1/2 months old.


Micki said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time and the gifts are wonderful!

Nann said...

It was a fun night and your grandkids were adorable. Thanks for all the fun presents and getting to watch the cute kids.

Dena said...

I'm glad you liked your gift. I am not too handy so I had to be "crafty" and think. I miss being there for the family party, maybe next year.