Saturday, December 4, 2010 the trees up!

 We usually put the trees up the day after Thanksgiving.  We're a little slow this year.  It feels like Christmas now that they are up.  It's a lot of work to get all the decorations out and try to remember where they go. 

 Of favorite purple bird has her place of honor in the front of the tree. 
 I made a deal with Gary.  I told him I would fluff the branches on the tree if he would make Chex Mix.  What could be better than Christmas music (The Osmond's) playing and the smell of Chex Mix while you're fluffing branches and placing ornaments on the tree?
 Gary uses the recipe on thebox.  He doubles the cereal and triples the sauce.  Mmmmm....perfect!
 I'm going to need a bigger shelf soon.  My Dad carves a new snowman every year for us.  It's quite a collection.  He made the soldier a couple of years ago. 
And finally.....what I'm so excited about this year.  This is the reason we were late getting the tree up.  Gary and Jonny got the hole in the ceiling indoor waterfall fixed.  They got the roof patched a few weeks ago.  Then they replaced the sheet rock in the bay window ceiling.  Gary painted it last night.  I keep looking at it....cuz it looks so good! 


Micki said...

Love your tree! We got ours up too.

Myra said...

You've got a lovely tree there Carrie, adorable snowmen your dad makes, and it looks like a great patch repair done!!!
I can almost smell the Chex Mix here! Yum!!!
I absolutely love your Mug Warmer, and your good looking fur-friends in the previous post!!!

Nedra said...

Busy little elves around your house. Chex mix is always one of our favorites too.