Tuesday, December 21, 2010

White Christmas

Well....I think it will be a White Christmas for sure.  I measured it this morning when I got up and we had 12 inches.  WOW....I can't remember the last time we got this much.  
 Gary spent the morning snow blowing.  I got to enjoy the snow from the warmth of my office with the space heater blowing some nice, warm air on me.  Jaycee and her friends were busy building snow forts and snowmen.
 Last Friday Jaycee had her Sweet 16 birthday party.  They went bowling first.  Then they came to our house and had pizza and watched movies until midnight. 
 We had some lanes reserved and there was an extra one....so Jonny, Bekkah, Gary and I bowled too.  I haven't bowled since high school (not going to say how many years ago that was!).  My score was low, really low.  Gary's family ran a bowling alley when he was younger.  He hasn't bowled much lately either, but he was still getting strikes almost every frame. I think we need to go more often.  It was a blast!

We got a laugh out of this.  They sell socks in the vending machine right along with candy bars and chips.  Who knew?


Lavada said...

I love to bowl. Of course I get that from Dad. Every Monday night he bowled in a league at BYU. That is every Monday night until FHE came along then they moved it to another night. I needed a PE class at the Y so I took bowling. I started out good but worse the more instruction I got. Still it's fun. Glad to hear Jaycee had a great time.

Lavada said...

Oh man I love the socks in the vending machine!

Lavada said...

okay one more comment. No snow here. On Wednesday it was 66 degrees! No coat, no muffler or scarf. no mittens, just long sleeves!