Thursday, January 20, 2011

UFO from 2 years ago...DONE!

It feels great to get this project done.  I have several more...well more like 15....UFO projects all boxed up and lined neatly on the shelves in my sewing room.  Getting this one done felt good.  I've had it quilted and  folded up waiting for the binding for a couple of weeks.  I still have a couple sides to bind...but I consider it checked off the list of UFO's.
I did the pebble stitch.  It was a lot of work, but I love how it turned out.
Had to share these funky socks.  You get them in a 3 pack.  You mix them up and wear a crazy pair of mismatched socks.  My sister, Tracy, got some last when my other sister, Nann, went to Chicago on business last week she picked up some more from the the Little Mismatched store.


Anonymous said...

Rae wore her socks that way in elementary school and Krystal still grabs any two socks!

Lavada said...

Odd that I should read this today. No socks in the drawer so I went to the sock basket where lonely socks live. Still no mates so I just grabbed two, scottie dogs on the left and snowmen on the right.

Reading about Eden really makes me miss Tessa so much more.