Thursday, January 20, 2011

A day in the life.......

 of a boring housewife who works from home...yes, that would be me.  I started my day with a 4-hour team leader shift at work.  That's when I answer questions from the transcriptionists I work with and try my best to help them.  It was a pretty easy shift today.  Some days I have so many questions and windows open along the bottom of my computer screen that I just want to scream.  After my shift I took a break and ran to the grocery store to buy a few things for dinner.  Tacos. Yum.
Then over the center street bridge that is falling apart.  I didn't bother me so much before the construction on the freeway started.  Now the bridge gets backed up with traffic.  Sitting on this bridge for 10 minutes with the weight of all the cars and trucks on it gets a little scary,
 I hate the construction mess....but I will be nice to have a better freeway system.

 My next stop was to pick up Eden from school.  When she saw me waiting she ran up and gave me a big hug. sweet.  I love that she holds my hand all the way to the car.  I dread the day she gets too big to hold grandma's hand.

Then Eden and I fed the chickens.  
 She was excited to find an egg.  She carefully carried it in the house so we could wash it and put it in the fridge.  
Back to my office to finish work.  I helped Eden find the Hannah Montana game site on the computer and she entertained herself while I worked.  She loves to draw I have a shelf in the closet with her art supplies.  Then a little sewing, watching the news, and getting ready for bed.

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Gari said...

I always wanted to work from home but couldn't until I retired. And how great that you have time with your granddaughter. Boring sounds pretty great to me.