Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sweet BrookLynn

Gary and I got to spent Friday morning with one of our granddaughters.  This is BrookLynn.  She had surgery a week ago on both of her eyes for eye muscle problems.  She takes after her daddy.  Jared had 5 eye surgeries and started wearing glasses at 9 months.  We are crossing our fingers that she won't need more.  Her eyes are still red in the outer corners, but look so good and straight!!

 She's about 1-1/2 now and loves to dance to music.  We put in her Wiggles movie and and watched her dance around the front room.  Her mom says Brookie is her sunshine....and we have to agree!  She's such a lovable, happy girl.  We enjoyed our morning spent with her!
 Papa took her out to feed the chickens.  She wasn't so sure about them.  Isn't her hat cute.  She even shared it with Papa and then laughed at him.

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