Sunday, January 30, 2011

A day long project & Bedroom remodel

 Saturday I was determined to get our bedroom quilt on the frames.  I just didn't know it would take so long.  I had to make new leader cloths since I threw mine away last year doing spring cleaning.  I had to have Gary help me fit the cloths into the rails because I had to get new tubing too...and it was not cooperating with me. Then all the ironing and putting the top and bottom on the frames.  It's King size and took forever to iron.  It really was an all day project.  Sigh!  I even passed on a trip to WalMart with Gary and Jaycee.
I got quite a good start on the quilting before heading up to bed.  I choose a simple design since I want it to go fast.  I really had intended to do some feather stitches, but my machine is only a half-long arm and so  I picked a smaller design.
I know I have a back made for it...somewhere.  Couldn't find it and didn't want to waste more time looking.  I just made a new one.  I have all the fabric from when we closed the store.  It's a chicken egg print, but it was the best match.   

 Here's our mini makeover.  I should say Gary and Jonny's makeover since I didn't help.  Jaycee went to Denver with the school FFA.  While she was gone Gary painted her room and tore out her carpet.  Then Jonny and Gary put in new wood floor.  Aunt Nanna and Aunt Tracy bought her a new light for her room. She's mentioned how much she liked Nann's light like this, so that's the one they picked out for her.
 Jaycee picked out Burgandy Cherry wood.  It's really pretty.  We still have to paint the base board and put in the quarter round trim.  We were hurrying to get it ready before she got home. 

I was so worried she would be mad.  She told me "Don't let dad do my room while I'm gone."  Gulp!  He had it all planned out to do just that the minute she left.  Thankfully she LOVES it.  She ended up getting home a few hours early.  While everyone else was putting the furniture back in I ran and found her a new flat screen TV.  Her old TV was an older, huge one that took up too much room.  We made it in the nick of time. Whew!


Kathy said...

Lucky Jaycee! She has some awesome parents. :)

Lavada said...

Wow! Was this for her birthday or just because she is such a terrific girl?

That quilt is going to be beautiful!