Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Computer Crack

 I absolutely LOVE my netbook.  The screen went black a couple of weeks ago.  No problem, under warranty.  Just had to call Dell computer support to get it fixed.  Two calls.  Hung up frustrated twice.  It's not that I couldn't understand them.  I do medical transcription and type many foreign dictators from India, so I'm used to their accent.  Getting them to understand me; however, is the problem.  Well, it all finally worked out and last week a technician came to my house and put in a new LCD screen.  Everything was wonderful for 2 days until I noticed a bulge in the black plastic that holds the screen in and a 2 inch crack along the top.  There's a wire or something in the way so it won't push back together. If I was smarter and braver I would undo the screws and try to fix it....but why should I.  It was fine before they fixed it so they need to come back and make it right.
I e-mailed Dell this time, hoping that would work better.  No response.  Got up this morning and it's a bright, sunny day.  I'm happy.  Good mood.  I'll try calling Dell.

Hello India.  Yes my device number is "F" as in Frank, "V" as in Rictor (Can't say their V's very good).   Then onto my name "C" as in Sally.  Not looking good.  I explain the problem.  He can't understand.  He asks me to speak louder and slower.  Do you know what happens when you do that?  I usually don't talk that way unless I'm really, really mad.  Heart starts beating faster, cheeks going red, head about to explode.  No, I don't want to troubleshoot.  I don't need to turn it on.  It works fine, just has a crack/gap in the frame the holds the LCD screen in.   It won't snap back together.  "Please explain to me in another way."  Sigh.  I try different words.  No good.  Yes, you can put me on hold for 5 minutes.  I will spend that time breathing in and out very slowly.  Relax.  He comes back on and I re-explain.  He still can't understand.  I ask if I can talk to another person.  "Don't worry Ma'am.  I will solve your problem."  What? You are my problem.  "Is this March 30, 2011?"  Well yes, but what does that have to do with my computer???  Telling myself to breathe.  Never mind India.  Hang up.

So Dell, I'd like to know how sending computer support to India saves you money.  It takes longer to get issues resolved.  What should have been a 5 minute phone call took 25 minutes, and then it still was not resolved, which means another phone call...or more.  Wait!  I think I've figured it out.  It really does save money because people get frustrated and give me.  Maybe I can fix the gap with some black electrical tape and ignore the bulge on the front of the screen.  I'm thinking iPad next time.

Off to enjoy the rest of this sunny day.  Hoping to spend some time in the calm, purple sewing room.


Nann said...

I hate dealing with off shore workers. They don't want to seem incompetent, but...

Hope you have better luck next call.

Me said...

what? me know understand

Diane said...

When I had the same problem, I at long last, got a US citizen and they said to call after 9 pm local for me... Pacific, time. I got a genius that lived in Missouri. Problem solved. Before that, I just hung up and redialed a "zillion" times.