Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Brown and green quilt

 I really haven't been very productive in the quilting area lately.  This is my friend's quilt that I quilted for her.  It was on the frames for a good two weeks.  It took a lot of quilting to get this one done, but I'm happy with the way it turned out.  
She made quilts, bumper pads, sheets, etc. for her two grandsons and a nephew.  She used the leftover fabrics to make this queen size quilt and another one that I quilted last month.  I think the back looks cool.  
I made a makeup bag with the fabric flowers from my last post.  I messed up on the bottom of the bag and make the corners too deep.  Oh well, I still like it.  The zipper wasn't as hard as I thought it would be....Whew!
I really wish I could find the time and motivation to get things done.  Seems like all I can manage lately is work and the basic household chores.  I had the day off today so I quilted a couple of small quilts.  Still have a few to get done for other people.  It felt good to make a tiny dent in the to do list.

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Nann said...

The back looks relly neat. I like it. It is hard to be motivated when it is rainy and dreary every day! Maybe May will be more productive when the flowers really come out and hopefully the rain dies down.