Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

 We had the annual egg hunt at Grandpa and Grandma Orme's house.  Aunt Nanna does this every year for all of the kids.  She makes a basket for each child and then hides eggs in the yard for them to find.
 Papa helping Jayda put eggs in her sack.
 BrookLynn had fun finding eggs too.
Jack finding eggs.  The younger kids are so fun to watch.  They get so excited with one or two eggs that it takes them forever to get all the eggs gathered.  
Jack showing us his egg.  He's a pro at egg hunting.  Every time he comes to our house he wants to go out to the chicken coop with Papa and find eggs.

Jodi and Katelynn looking pretty in pink.....
Someone didn't like the grass on her bare feet.  She was trying so hard to hold her piggies up.

Brandon and Kyle were quick at gathering their eggs.  Nann had enough eggs for 35 each.  I think it took them less than a minute to get that many.
Brandon and his bag of eggs.  I can't believe how old (and handsome) he is getting.  Oh....they grow up too fast.
Eden had a new Easter dress.  She had the cutest shoes that matched....which she took off before I could get a picture of them.  This girl would go everywhere barefoot if she could.
Another fun year.  We had egg salad sandwiches, veggies, and dip after the hunt.  Fun day...and the weather was warm this morning.  It's cold cold that you can see your breath outside.  

Thanks Nann  


Nann said...

It is always so fun to do. Thanks to Jaycee who really helped me this year. She went shopping with me and helped to fill the easter bags. Tracy helped with the financing. Jaycee and Jenny filled eggs. Jaycee, Jon, Bekkah, Tracy, and Megan helped to hide the eggs. It is so fun when you see the little ones faces! Thanks for posting the fun pix!!

Lavada said...

Ah and here I thought Nann was wonder woman, doing all that work on her own.
We spent the weekend with Megan where it rained all weekend! Hunting eggs in the house is not as much fun.