Monday, June 6, 2011

The Birthday Girl!

 Katelynn turned 1 on June 1st.  Jodi planned a fun party on June 4th.  She had it at the park by our house. It was perfect weather.  Jamie and Jodi decorated everything so cute.
 This is her adorable tutu and zebra leg warmers.  I had a hard time getting a good picture of her.  She was having a little attitude problem.  I think she was worn out with getting ready for the party, so by the time Jodi got her dressed she was a little unhappy.  That all went away when she figured out that she was the center of attention and gifts were involved.
This is the cute cake her other grandma made.  Her dad's trying to get a smile out of her.

 Eden, Jayda, and BrookLynn playing in the park.  I'm sure Jack would have been running around with them, but he was sick that night.  He barfed on Jamie.....ewww!  The joys of being a mom!
 Eden waiting for the party to get started.
Jayda playing with the pop-apart dolls...her favorite toy at Grandmas.  

 Brookie eating a little dinner.  She played so hard all night.  She getting so big...almost 2 in a month.

 I had to put in these first pictures of Katelynn.  I was there for her birth, which was so exciting for me.  I didn't see any of the other grandkids get born....didn't know how emotional it would be.  I always thought the grandma should stay home until the babies got here.  Well....if I'm invited for future grandbaby births I'll be there for sure...with my camera and box of Kleenex.
A worn out new mommy and baby!


Sandy Buffington said...

"Woah!" "Look!"

Parker and I were just looking at this and she couldn't get enough of the pictures! We can't wait to come see you!

Nanna said...

This was a fun party and Katelynn was so cute. It was fun to see her "hug" her new clothes and get so excited with the toys.