Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

 We really wanted to get out for a ride over the holiday weekend.  We waited around most of the morning waiting for it to get warm enough.  This is heading up Spanish Fork Canyon.  We focused on that tiny bit of clear sky at the "V" in the mountains.
 It was so cold when we were unloading the machines.  So glad we put on our Long Johns, hoodies, and remembered our gloves.
 It rained a little bit a few times on our way up the mountain.  Didn't let it discourage us.
 The river was so full of water.  It overflowed in quite a few areas.

 I think it will be another month or two before we can cross to go up to the reservoir.  I've never seen the water this deep or fast at this crossing.
 The road to the right fork was closed due to flooding.  We were going to go around the sign to see what it looked liked....until Gary read the sign that there was a $10,000 fine for going past the sign.  Not that interested!
Jonny and Bekkah.
 We went up the left fork to Dairy Creek.  We went all the way out to the highway.  We crossed over to the gas station....which is closed now.  Darn!  I was hoping for a cup of hot chocolate.  It was soooo cold.  We came down the canyon so fast.  The sky was dark and it was raining a little bit again.  I had on 2 pair of gloves and my fingers were still frozen.  They hurt so bad I wanted to cry.  It just made me want to go faster to get to the truck and turn the heater on.
 Freezing.......brrrr.  I think we were crazy to go on such a long ride in the cold weather.  
 The river by the parking area was coming over onto the road.  I really can't believe how much water we have this year.

 Going down Spanish Fork Canyon it really started to rain.  We timed it just right.  Caught the window of time in the day that had the best weather for riding.

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