Thursday, June 30, 2011

June in Review

I can't believe the month is almost over.  I think it was a really an uneventful month for the most part....which is not a bad thing.   A few highlights and what I've learned this month:
  • My niece's wedding and visiting with family.  We even had the opportunity to take a picture of my parents and all 8 siblings.  Not sure how it turned out yet...but I'm sure we are still a good-looking group!
  • We've only been on 2 rides on the 4-wheelers.  Got to get more riding in this summer!
  •  School is out.  Jaycee goes back as a Junior in high school in the fall.  Yay for only 2 years left in the public school system.  
  • Sleepovers still make teenagers grumpy the next day.
  • A pedicure is pure heaven! 
  • A well planned day never goes as planned...not even close most of the time.
  • Snakes in the grass still startle me....but they make Gary jump and swear!
  • The mouse in the chicken coop can eat all the chicken food it wants as long as it stays out of my house.
  • Max and Molly still hate fireworks.  Neighbors have been lighting them every night for the last few nights.  Nothing like having to peel a dog off you every couple of minutes.
  • A cool shower and clean sheets are the best way to end a summer day.
  • Things happen for a reason.

Last night Jaycee and I decided to walk to the gas station to get a snack.  We headed out and got as far as the next door neighbor's house and it started raining.  We turned around and went back home.  When we got to the front door it we headed off again. 
 Half way there it started raining with lightening and thunder.  We kept going.  It was fun...laughing and walking in the rain in our flip flops.
Duck, duck, chicken?  This is Comet with the ducks.  She keeps hopping the fence and going in the duck cage to eat their food.  I don't think the ducks like her.  They chase her but don't bite her.  We keep putting Comet back on her side of the fence, but it doesn't last long.  She is really the sweetest, friendliest chicken we've ever had.  She's the only one of our new chickens laying eggs...and this morning laid a normal sized egg.  Whenever we go outside she hops the fence and runs up to us to say "hi".  She loves to be picked up and talked to.  Gary said if we let her in the house she'd hop right into bed with us.  I'm sure he's right....but I'm not about to find out.


Me said...

Rain is the best!

ps. I have duck envy.

Nann said...

One of my work colleagues had a house trained chicken who slept on top of the fridge in the SLC avenues. Of course this was 30+ years ago...

Another friend in Lindon had a RI Red who would meet you after you parked and walk you to the front door - "talking" the whole way.

Maybe she is destined for better things?