Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dear Max

 Why do you have to leave a puddle of pee in the basement for me to step in?  At least it was in the storage room on the concrete floor....but sadly you leave these puddles upstairs sometimes too.  If we don't lock the kitchen cupboard you get the garbage can out.  What a mess you and Molly make all over the kitchen and front room.  It's a good thing that I love you right down to your doggie breath or I would put you in the want ads in the "Naughty but lovable dog" section.  You really should have been a girl.  You are too pretty for a boy dog, especially right after you get groomed.  You are soooo needy.  You have to be held and cuddled.  Your seizures scare us.  That's one time we don't mind holding you until you feel better.  You lick your paws clean every night.  If you get interrupted during your licking ritual you have to start all over.  I don't know how you have any fur left.  You are annoying when someone comes to the door.  Do you really have to do your yappy bark over and over.  Some days I just want to tape your mouth shut. I realize you are just being a good guard dog.  Until you hide behind my legs.
 Molly is such a good dog.  She doesn't have Max's bad habits....except for the barking when someone comes to the door....and getting into the kitchen garbage......and passing gas.  She's the most lovable dog ever.  She's a more mellow dog than Max.  She waits at the top of the stairs every night until everyone is home.  She's the mommy dog watching over us.  During the summer she lays right under the cooler.  I think she has doggie hot flashes.  She is starting to have a hard time jumping and walking now.  Please don't get any older.  I don't know what the house would be like without you.  I know I complain about the dogs some days.  Then I watch Marley and Me and realize that Molly and Max are part of the family.  They are connected to us and the events of our lives this past 7-8 years.  They helped raise our kids and now the grandkids.  I don't know what my office would be like without Max on his pillow snoring (LOUD) while I work...or without Molly napping under my feet with her head on the legs of my rolling chair.
Oh....the love of animals.  It has been a hard day at our house.  Comet, our friendly little chicken, got over the fence to the neighbors yard today.  Their dogs got her and now she is in heaven.  The neighbor girl felt so bad and was crying when she came to tell us.  We don't blame their dogs.  It's just natural instincts and a curious chicken who wouldn't stay on her side of the fence.  It's hard to think of going in the backyard and not seeing Comet hop the fence and come up to us to be held.  Some days I hate having a soft spot in my heart for animals.  Got my box of Kleenex.

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Nann said...

I am so sorry that Comet got away. I know Jaycee loved her. Hopefully the other chickens will not be so adventuresome.