Friday, July 8, 2011

Americana Quilt

 My sister, Tracy, made a quilt like this a couple of years ago.  I have a picture of it on my sidebar.  I loved it so much that she surprised me with one just like it.  She got it made before the 4th, but I'm a little slow in getting it quilted.  I'm working on the binding tonight so I can get it hung up to enjoy the rest of the month.
We really do celebrate the whole month of July here in Utah with the 24th being our state holiday.  And I love Americana anyway.  This line of fabric was a favorite of mine from the moment I saw it.  
Thanks so much, Tracy!  I'm so excited with it.


Pots and Pins said...

It's Beautiful! What a nice sister you sister doesn't quilt so I'm the one giving HER quilts! We live in Seattle but celebrate the entire month of July, too...because as every girl raised in Utah knows the celebration doesn't end until July 24th!! xo, Nan

Myra said...

What a nice sister you have Carrie!! Love the quilt! Lucky you! 8-)