Saturday, August 27, 2011

Five Days In A Row......

Of delicious bacon tomato sandwiches......and I'm not sick of them.  Not one bit.  This is the best part of summer.  Garden fresh tomatoes.  I love the precooked bacon from Macey's.  It's so easy to warm it up to make a quick sandwich.  

I'm wishing we were in Las Vegas this weekend with the rest of my family.  My sister and her family live down there.  My nephew, Eric, got married today.  We planned on going but ended up not being able to. Gary and I took 3 days off work to go.  It's been nice being off...but I haven't accomplished much.  Just nice to have some down time to relax a little.

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Sandy Buffington said...

Would ya stop posting about food? I can't stop thinking about pumpkin cookies, but it is WAY to hot to think about turning my oven on. ;)