Friday, August 26, 2011

Pumpkin Cookies.....mmmmmm

 I love pumpkin cookies!  Haven't made them for a few months.  I had to give in and make some this afternoon.  I was in need of some comfort from their soft, gooey goodness!
Had a little stress today.  My paycheck which goes in direct deposit every 2 weeks never showed up in my account.  I went to the credit union, called the main credit union office in Texas, called my work, called Texas again, called work, etc.  The credit union said it was my employer's fault.  My employer said it was the credit union's fault.  Just kept getting the run-around with no real answer.  So frustrating!!  
 I didn't know what to do next.  Finally about 4:30 my work called and said they accidentally changed the routing on my direct deposit instead of someone else's account.  They can take care of it next week and I should have my check by Wednesday.  I'm mad that it will take that long to fix it.  Really?? It's not like I work for fun...but a relief to know it will be fixed. 
 Here's a fun little project for a monthly calendar.  I found many free printable blank calendars on line.  Printed off a few.  Trimmed the excess paper and glued on scrapbook paper.  I bought some 8 x 10 frames at the dollar store.  I think that the 8-1/2 x 11 frame would work better.
 Put it in the frame and then use a dry erase marker to put the dates and events on the calendar.  The glass wipes clean and is ready for next month. 
 I think a "To-Do" list would be fun too.  I've been trying to get more organized and schedule my days better.  It really helps to have things down in black and white.  

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