Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Keeping our COOL.....

 This is how the ducks keep cool on these hot summer days.  They are so cute to watch, just like kids.  
 The chickens hold their wings out from their bodies and pant.  They also dig a hole in the dirt and sprawl out like they're dead.  Scared me the first time I saw it.  It also cleans their feathers to dig around in the dirt.  I prefer my tub/shower..ha ha!
 And this is how I keep my cool.  The swamp cooler makes it soooo humid...okay not as humid as the southern states...but for Utah being a supposed desert state it's humid here lately.  We have 5 window units this year.  One in every bedroom and one in my office and sewing room.  At night we just turn off the swamp cooler and use these in the bedrooms.  It 's pure heaven to sleep cold in the summer heat!  Why didn't we think of this last year??  Mr. Mailman you can lose our utility bill this summer.  Don't really want to see what it costs to run all these coolers.
 The chickens are producing 6-12 eggs every day.  Some of them are still small, but the new chickens are getting the hang of egg production.  We've had chickens for 2 years and this summer is the first time I've seen eggs being laid.  Kinda fun.  I have to warn you...don't come to my house unless you want to leave with a carton of eggs.  I really don't know why we thought we had to have so many chickens.
Future bacon tomato sandwich. Yum!  One of our tomato plants is doing great..the other one not so good.  I thought they would cross-pollinate with each other but only one has tomatoes and the other one just flowers...lots of pretty yellow flowers. 
 And this is what I'm working on.  I'm hoping to get it off the frames tonight.  It's my sister's quilt.  Love the colors Nann used.   

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Mommie-Marzie said...

Thanks for the eggs! Sophie loved showing me all the colors. I made her scrambled eggs and she had to pick out which eggs we used. And those scrambled eggs were bright yellow!

We have central air but still have window units in the kids' rooms because they are so hot! I love them! I'm glad you have a nice cool house to sleep in! That's the best!