Friday, August 5, 2011

The Last Supper....Maybe

  This was dinner Wednesday night.  I tried to BBQ chicken for dinner.  Got kinda crispy black.  It wasn't too dry if you soaked up some BBQ sauce first.  I really tried to put some thought into it.  I stood at the pantry for a whole minute trying to decide which two cans of vegetables to open to go with the chicken.  I called it the last supper because it was Gary's last week of working nights...Yay!  I'm sure I'll still cook, but not as much.
 This is Nann's quilt.  It's off the frames and in her hands now....ready for her to bind.
 There are 5 different blocks and I did each of them different.  I think the pattern she used made 3 different quilts.  She added in a few more blocks and make it one big quilt.  
 It really was a fun one to quilt.  I had it on the frames a couple of weeks and did a little here and there when I had time.
 She used 4 different fabrics for the back.  I love how the design looks on this fabric.  It really was a lot of quilting...whew!  Glad to have it done.


Gari said...

Nice quilt, beautiful quilting. I had to take a second look, though. I am just now putting together a sampler quilt using the Bliss fabric and for a second it looked like you had quilted my quilt. Funny.

Lavada said...

Great quilt! Congrats to you and Nann. Is that the fabric she bought while I was out there? Gosh I miss being out there sometimes. I'd love to go quilt shopping with you. I always go by myself.