Wednesday, September 14, 2011


 That sums up how I feel.  And it's only Wednesday.  Working 64 hours a week sucks.

On the bright side I did have some free time last weekend to make some more snap bags.  Love these little bags for organizing things (sorry for the picture....messes with your eyes will all the dots and patterns).
 I put on my friend's quilt this weekend too.  It's an outdoors theme quilt for her husband.  I quilted over the animals on the first block and didn't like it.  Had to get out the seam ripper and undo it.  Then I tried quilting around them with the pebble stitch.  I like how it makes the animals stand out.  Wish I had a steadier hand and could outline stitch around them.  
 Salsa season is here.  Yay!!  Double Yay because my husband and son, Jonny, did this batch.  My daughter-in-law's dad has an awesome garden and gave us 2 bushel of tomatoes. (Thanks Tim!)
And this sums up life lately.  Grab whatever is fast and easy.....and run with it!

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Myra said...

Cute, fun looking snap bags Carrie!
The pebbles around dear looks good!
Mmm.. Homemade salsa! I haven't made any in years...
Take care busy lady! 8-)