Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Little Downtime for Riding

 Last Saturday we went on a ride with Gary's parents and brother.  It was a perfect day to get out.  We found this pipe that had lot of leaks.  It was fun to just watch it.
 And this pretty little waterfall.
 We went to a new place...out by Eureka.  It was a 50 mile ride.  Most of it was smooth road so you could go fast.  
 We stopped at the reservoir for lunch.  Gary's mom packed it so we didn't have to do anything, just enjoy the day!
 This is Gary and his brother.  We found a little place off the side of the road with some fun trails.  It really is a lot steeper than it looks....which I why I was taking the pictures and not riding around much.  

 We started seeing some dark clouds on our way back to the trucks.  The sky was so cool to look at..We got some rain and hail, but it didn't last long.....thank goodness because the hail really hurt when it hit you.
 I brought my I-Pod this time.  I was singing along at the top of my lungs to some Pink!  Good thing the machines were noisy so no one could hear me!  I really can't carry a tune....not at all.  I'm guilty of mouthing the words to the hymns in church because my singing is so bad!
 And this is my favorite part of riding.  Mud puddles.  I love to ride through them and splash all over.  When we got back to the trucks my mother-in-law told me that I needed to go back because I forgot one.  
Somehow my machine is always dirtier than Gary's when we get home.


Myra said...

Looks like a wonderful day was had Carrie! 8-)

Rachelle said...

looks like soo much fun! and what could be better than singing Pink songs along the drive!

Anonymous said...

I love the new background.Pam