Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wrapping and Parties.....all done

 I love to wrap Christmas presents.  Really...I do.  I go the day after Christmas and buy the wrapping paper, rolls of ribbon, and tags at Sam's.  My favorite has been this gold foil paper and the red/gold and gold/brown ribbon.
 It's not even Christmas Eve and I think all my wrapping is done....except 1 or 2 presents.

 We had the Christmas Party on the Raulston side last Sunday.  It was fun to get together and visit over good food and then play a couple of games.  It seems like the family just keeps growing every year.  

And finally.....I had to post my new hair color.  I went chocolate brown and purple.  I just LOVE the purple.  A lady who was getting her hair done the same time as me had bleach blonde with pink.  Hmmm.....I'm thinking that might be something to try next summer.  If I get brave enough.


Me said...

you win

Gari said...

If you're brave enough for purple, you will be brave enough for blond and pink.