Friday, December 30, 2011

Angel Topper

 Can I tell you how excited I am to have this new Angel for our tree??  My parents have one just like it that they got the first year they were married.  They have used every year since.  I remember it from when I was young and still at home.  We went to the antique store looking for a few new antique ornaments for our tree.  We found one like this but dirty and grey.  I almost bought it, but didn't know how to clean it.  We went to another antique store and as we were about to leave I saw this one on a shelf.  Woo-hoo!!  It's in perfect condition except the corners of one wing is bent.  I could hardly wait until my parents came over for Jaycee's birthday....waiting to see if they would notice it.
 My Dad added another snowman to our collection.  It's the one in front with the stripped scarf.  I think he makes 40 or so every year for all the kids, married grandkids, and neighbors.
 He also added 2 pieces to our nativity set.  It's fun to see what we get every year.  He's already started the camels for next year.
 It's almost time to take down the Christmas quilts and put all the decorations away.  Funny how anxious you get to decorate for Christmas....and then how you can't wait to put it all away and get back to normal.
 We've had this poinsettia for a week....and I haven't killed it yet!  ha ha  Maybe we can enjoy it for another month or so.

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Rachelle said...

what fun traditions in your family! i love that your dad does that. how special. and those quilts .... wowowowow! beautiful. and scoring big at the antique shoppe, well - that's just icing on the cake! sounds like you had a great december. :) love - rachelle