Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Eden!!

 I still remember the day she made her arrival into the world.  She had the prettiest lips I've ever seen on a baby.  She melted my heart.  She made me a Grandma.  Can't believe she turned 9 yesterday (February 1oth)  Eden loves to read.  Sometimes when she comes over she has her head in a book the whole time.  She giggles as she reads.  She's also very artistic.  She can create anything from cardboard, glue, colored paper, and pom poms.  She couldn't say "grandpa" when she was little so she called him Papa.  That's what all the grandkids call him now.  (Have to say I'm a little jealous that he has such a cool name and I'm just grandma).  Happy Birthday Eden!!  Love you so much!

I was feeling a little stressed about the job situation this last week.  I made a Voo-Doo doll to take my frustrations out on.  He's taking the blame for everything....right through the heart with a pin.  After I took this picture I went a little crazy and added some more pins through the head, stomach, foot, etc.  Whew...feeling much better.

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Nann said...

I want a voodoo doll!! I think it is cute!! I hope Eden had a good day. Hard to believe she is 9!