Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Moving Day......Yay!

 Jon and Bekkah are moving today...and the rest of the week.  They got the keys to their new house this morning.  It's going to be quieter around here without them.  Jon asked me if we were going to be sad to see them go.  Jaycee replied "Heck ya!  Got my bucket of ice cream, big spoon, and sad movie!"   
 Well..they aren't the only ones moving.  We put our house up for sale and will be closing in a few weeks.  Thank goodness my sister, Nann, has opened up her home to use for a few months until we decide where we're going from here.  We really want a smaller house, smaller yard, and a much better floor plan.
 I'm in trouble with my husband.  We've been packing and moving as much as possible to a storage unit. There are a lot of boxes and bins that say "Fabric."  Yup...pretty sure that is the F-word around here.  He told me that we might need a separate unit just for fabric.  I'm pretty sure he's right.  I've got to come up with another word to put on those boxes.
 You know Jack is in the house when the furniture is rearranged.  Eden, on the other hand,will be somewhere with her nose in a book.
 We've had Jamie's kids this week.  I say "we" but it's really been Jon and Bek taking care of them.  Jamie and John are in Oregon figuring out where they will be living soon.  Yes...that is move #3 in our family.  John got an excellent job offer.  When Jamie first told me I said "You aren't going to take my grandkids and move to Oregon, are you?"  Well apparently so.
 I'm excited for them.  It will be fun to go visit them, visit the coast, stick my feet in the ocean.  But I'm one of those people who get anxiety about traveling.  Whether by car, plane, or magic carpet it makes me nervous.  Before I can leave the house it has to be clean.  My underwear has to be all folded neatly and the socks colored coordinated in rows.  The kitchen drawers too.  If something should happen to me I wouldn't want anyone to think I was unorganized.  
Well...there it is....all out in the open now. So many life changes.  But change is an opportunity to grow.  I can't wait to see what life will be like at the end of this year.


Nann said...

I am so excited to have company. (And hope you stay more than just a couple of months!). I feel better knowing you have a lot of fabric - cause there sure is plenty in this house too. Dad thinks I have more than Mom now...

Love You! Nann

Gari said...

Wow, you are really experiencing fruit basket upset. Will be interesting to see how everything shakes out.

Lavada said...

Had a RS night on goal setting. The only goal I set was not to buy every piece of fabric I fell in love with or was on sale! My house overfloweth. When times get bad I may starve but I'll have plenty to sew.