Friday, March 9, 2012

Change....not something I like

 I had a little helper last week.  She helped me sweep the floor.  Katelynn is a little chatterbox.  Jodi has been singing songs with her.  She knows most of the song "Take a boy and a girl in a little canoe."  It's a song Lavada taught me when I was about grade school age.  I think she learned it at girls camp.  I sang to my kids while they were young and didn't care that I couldn't carry a tune.  
 She's pretty good at making messes too!

Gary bought Adele's CD and video of her performance at Royal Albert Hall.  She is absolutely adorable.  She tells the story behind her songs and why she wrote them.  She has such a funny sense of humor.  Gary, Jaycee, and I watched it this afternoon and laughed so hard...and sang along.  We decided that when she comes in concert here we are definitely going.    
Change.  I mentioned last month about my job ending.  I do medical transcription from home.  The company that my work is outsourcing our jobs too hired anyone who wanted to switch over.  I decided not to go with the new company.  Then a week later decided to go with them.  I figure it's better to have a job...and I wasn't looking forward to the job search and getting a job that requires me to go into work.  This was my first week with them and so far its okay.  Not fabulous...hate the change....loved my other job and boss.  I do like the hours.  

Jon and Bekkah have been living with use for almost 3 years.  They just closed on a house and will be moving out next week.  There are more changes coming.


Anonymous said...

I hate change also, and I feel your anxiety. I've got two looking to leave the nest soon and it's going to leave a house of 8 down to just Russ and I..alone. Not anxious for the change. Jared married and gone, Krystal able to by a home again and R works days and I work nights so no human contact or little ones to love on..Pam

Lavada said...

Of all the things I'm remembered for it's "Take a boy and a girl"? It could be worse. I seem to be the only one who likes singing I'm Looking Over My Dead Dog Rover.